by Lola

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Lola was a project conducted at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, during the 2014 Summer High School program. The group was arranged by the program and consisted of Gabriel Drozdov, Joaquin Friedman, Pavlina Osta, and Jourdan Kelli. The task of the project was to design a brand for an artist or band, advertise subsequent brand, and create and release a single. At the end of the assignment, we presented our method and progress, as well as our single and a video for the song.

Lola decided that, with the time and equipment we were provided with, we could produce more than one track. On the last day of the program, we released an album.

"Granola" is meant to be strange and diverse, but accessible. We cited artists like Aphex Twin and Oneohtrix Point Never to define our musical aesthetic as well as our visual aesthetic, which gave us a unique blend of synthetic and organic sounds. We created various social media accounts (which no longer exist), and we posted cryptic and nonsensical images and texts to spur interest in our brand. Eventually, we released our album on SoundCloud.

Each member in the group had a specific role. Gabriel was the director of the project, with the role of overseeing social media and creating the actual album. This position included maintaining the aesthetic of the brand by producing artwork and text for the group, and writing, performing, and producing a majority of the album. Joaquin was the co-producer and co-writer, assisting in the completion of several tracks. Pavlina was in charge of marketing our brand, which involved creating accounts on various websites and managing posts on these sites. Jourdan assisted in marketing by supplying some photography and text to the social media accounts, and she was also featured on "The Outsider", although her vocals did not make the final cut.

Although we produced an album, we still released a lead single alongside a video. The video was created by Gabriel Drozdov, and it was meant to be weird and impactful. It consisted of short clips of strangers making strange faces, and then the videos were mirrored over the horizontal center. I have not uploaded the original video, because the product was rushed and does not reflect the quality of work for the rest of the project.

The name is a small story. Our musical direction differed from the other groups in our NYU program, and we couldn't decide how to adequately differentiate our brand. We wanted to be a little off-kilter, but intriguing and accessible. Nothing seemed to fit our tone.

At NYU's Tisch building, the halls are lined with movie posters. In a group meeting, we all looked at the one we were sitting below. The poster had the name "Lola" printed on it. This, plus the realization that Pavlina's dog was named Lola, determined our name. As for "Granola", it rhymed.


released August 8, 2014

Written, performed, and produced by Gabriel Drozdov except where noted.




Gabriel Drozdov New York, New York

A composer for piano, as well as a singer.

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Track Name: Pander
Come on a Saturday; come by when no one’s around
Bring change; I don’t take large bills
They’re useless

Bring a friend; bring your friends
I’m lonely

I don’t like working; I don’t work on weekends
You’re special
I make exceptions

You’re not going to grow up and be someone nice

Come around; make some time
I can see you sitting there and it’s really great that you’re sitting there!
Keep sitting there

I need money; could you settle down?
Could you settle down?
He’s in town

Could you calm down? Could you calm down?
Are you special?
You’re not special

I can talk across great gaps in the air; it’s incredible!

Monday, I’ve no time Monday
Sunday is free and you could go and cut me off
Pull me, whatever that means, but go outside
You can love it and cut me off
Money is coming cheap and we could travel far
Not just cut me off
Help is coming free and we could stop
But you just cut me off
Luck is coming towards me but I don’t know
If you will cut me off
Pause for a second, please
Don’t say the words; don’t cut me off
Track Name: Leopaleo
He’s in the study
He’s wearing himself out over something he’s writing
Up half of the night
I’ll call him in

He is the man I’ve known to love
Call him not only that
He’s sensitive

He is the man I’ve known to love
Call him not only that
He’s a bother

Have you any confidence in me?
Do you feel that you know me?
It’s hard to know anything but oneself
You can trust me

Would you like to see it?
Otherwise I could not see you

He is the man I’ve known to love
Call him not only that
He’s sensitive

He is the boy that stayed in a house
Living right beside the hourly fire
I don’t regret telling him wrong

I’ve got a lot of money
I’m a lucky child
That’s it.
Track Name: Temporary Bride
I’ve got to pick up this chick down by Lexington
I’ll recognize her by the locks in her hair
She’s famous in a radius of three blocks
And she’s special to me

I’ll meet her by the subway
Where she’ll pretend not to see me
And hopefully I’ll get lucky
Because I’ve got some money

We’ll arrive at the lobby
She looks so happy to be alive
We’ll rush upstairs to a private place

After mixing our bodies completely
A taxi will arrive
And off into the night goes my temporary bride

Off I go, I ride into the night
To be home soon in a bed that’s occupied
My kids don’t know what makes a man feel right
Yet, I know; yes, I know, their dad won’t take flight; but

It’s all right, I’ll stumble back in a stupor
I’m not stupid, you watcher; I’ll always remember
Every lonely night with my temporary bride
That permanent hole inside.
Track Name: The Outsider
I’ve grown to love the outsider
He always clocks in on time
I wonder if he feels that he knows me
I’ve given him all I have

His last letter was a year ago
Do I think it’s worth a mention?
I’ve always tried my hardest to keep in touch
I gave him everything I had!

I don’t even know him!

I’m out of the business
He won’t see my advertisements
I’ve had a love for it
I’ve had a love for him

His last letter was a year ago
Do I think it’s worth a mention?
I’ve always tried my hardest to keep in touch
I gave him everything I had!

I don’t even know him!
Track Name: Nola
I’ve come across as an irreverent elevator
I can’t seem to die out, make a shift on the escalator
I seem to be a dying woman, not too far out but slightly outspoken
Not too risky but severely interrupted, and for what cost
Am I to develop a new program at this year’s end?
Will I know it?
Will I know you?
Have I seen it before?

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open after long speeches
And I can’t help but dozing off during production
Yet I have learned a lot, regardless of the fact
I am severely interrupted, but remained intact
After a newly developed year became his tact
Will I know it?
Will I know you?
Have I seen it before?

Will I know it?
Will I know you?
Have I seen you before?

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